Bonjour lovers !!!! Welcome back to this blog !!! I’m very excited because I’m working on new sections and new ideas, it’s taking a while, but it will be worth it, meanwhile you can check these videos I will be making for you !!!
And about all the important news from this week, I have a few:


– Björn Borg launched “nude” underwear for all skin tones lovers !! I’m so excited for this idea, I think it’s fantastic considering all the skin tones we all have…


– Giorgio Armani goes fur free !!! Yes lovers, the brand announced that they were not going to be using fur anymore… I like the idea, but still I hope to see faux fur in their collections, because we all love fur !!! or in this case faux fur !!!


– Chanel debuted a new perfume for Les Exclusives made by Olivier Polge, this fragrance was made for guys, but can be worn by girls !!! I love the idea of unisex, even when that was not the idea of Polge, who wanted to create a new fragrance for men, but who could be worn by women !!!


– My bff Kendall debuted a cover for a special issue of Vogue made exclusively for New York and Los Angeles subscribers, I think is time for Kendall to take over Vogue and I think this is a preview, I’m sure of it…


– and finally, Justin O’Shea, was named Creative Director at Brioni !!!! OMG lovers, i’m not sure if this will work or not, but we will have to wait… I like his style and I love his body hahaha, not but seriously, I think his style is very Brioni, let’s see what he has to offer…

Lovers these were the most important news of the week, have a great day and I will see you very very soon !!!

Na shledanou !!!!