#Fashionnews LV, Cara, Fendi and more… #fashion #moda

Lovers, here you have the most important news in fashion this week !!!

First of all… Louis Vuitton is taking its cruise 2017 collection to Brasil, NG will be presenting his collection at the Niterói Museum and I love the idea, is amazing and we all know what he’s capable of… also I love exotic places and exotic venues and this museum looks just ideal for LV

Fendi will be presenting a new Haute Fourrure collection in Rome to celebrate 90 years of Fendi, I think Karl is a genius and I don’t know what to think about this, I love the idea because we will see his creativity, but about the fur… well I’m not sure…

Public school is the latest brand to change its schedule, they will quit the gap between the collections and the release of the clothes, and they will merge both shows, men and women, and I love the idea !!! I think that gap shouldn’t be there and it’s a bit weird… and now more brands are doing something about it…

Prada is not selling much lovers and they saw the lowest profits in five years… I want to see what is going to happen with Prada, and I think they need to restructure the brand…

Cara is taking over the acting and modeling world like a pro, and I love it !!! and this week we knew she was going to be the new face of Rimmel, and the idea sounds amazing, as you know #weloveCara

File photo of Simons acknowledging audience applauses at the end of the Jil Sander 2012 Autumn/Winter collection show during Milan Fashion Week
And of course this news made me very happy… Raf Simons will unveil at Pitti Uomo the spring 2017 collection of his namesake men’s brand and present a special project !!! yes lovers, I’m so excited about this !!!!

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-15 a las 9.53.22 a.m.
My fav instagram pic was this one… of course, I’m a true fan of the Olsen twins and I love them !!!

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And this campaign is a little bit old but it was my fav this week…

Na shledanou !!!!