#fashionnews !!! Alexander McQueen to #CameronDallas !!! #fashion #moda

Lovers !!!! here you have the most and “not so many” news from this week in fashion !!!

Alexander McQueen sued by Christine Kendall?? this is crazy and I don’t get it, according to Kendall, Sarah Burton, decided to use some of her ideas to create the final “weeding dress” for he Royal Wedding… and now, after 5 years, she is doing this… for me is crazy and a bit stupid…

My beloved Grace Coddington was named creative partner for Tiffany & Co. and I cannot wait to see what she has !!! I love her and she is a true icon !!!

Lovers, Peta is now a Prada shareholder.. why? I don’t get it, they say the want to avoid the use of ostrich skin for some Prada handbags, but I don’t get it, I think they want something more than just protect ostriches… maybe $$$??

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And this week I had two different favourite campaigns.. one is the one by CK with the hot Cameron Dallas and the second the one by Louis Vuitton with LΓ©a Seydoux and both are just amazing !!! ENJOY !!!

And my fav instagram “thing” was the video by Vogue introducing the Vogue app… and is just everything…

Na shledanou !!!!