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HELLO !!!!!! I am not dead yet lovers !!! you still have me, the thing is that I’ve been working extra hours and I haven’t had time to post anything !!!
But today I decided that I wanted to make a post, because I’m super mad, maybe not mad, I’m just sick of people and sick of money…. in case you have no idea, the Met Gala was today, is still happening as I write this post… and I’m so mad with everything that is going on on the red carpet, because if you had no idea, the theme for this year was Rei Kawakubo, the founder of Comme des Garçons and of course you all know that I love Comme des Garçons, and I won’t take back what I’ve been saying all thse years, that her collections are super hard to wear, and you need to be crazy to wear them, but also I have said that she is a true genious and everythig that she does is pure fashion…
But tonight, everyone forgot that, everyone decided to honor their wallets, because almost everyone wore something that was far from being inpired by Kawakubo’s style… and I’m so mad about it, almost everyone decided to wear something that didn’t represent the idea of the gala… even Anna Wintour herself, that decided to wear something from Chanel…and you know that I love Chanel, but for God sake, that dress was not for the gala, it was for something else…

Anna Wintour

And the problem here is that most of the guests decided to wear something that was perfect for theit body, or that showed more skin like Kendall Jenner…

Kendall Jenner

And beofre I continue, I have to say that Kendall’s outfit was the worst for me, she was the worst dressed of the night, for two reasons, fist of all, she was paid to wear that “dress” and second, because it was far from being something that Rei would design… that dress was a clear joke for me, everyone wanted to look sexy, but Comme des Garçons is not that, is far from being that, is all about volume and crazy cuts and oversized pieces… and of course nobody would wear that, becasue they are super obsessed to show how fit they are…

Rick Owens & his wife

I have to thank Rihanna because she was one of the few that paid tribute to Kawakubo and that was fantastic, also Rick Owens and his wife
To be honest, I have to say that this was the worst met gala ever !!! it was a fraud, nobody wore something crazy as I was expecting, we can start with Gisele that wore a boring dress, Katy Perry tried and she was good, not my fav, but still better than almost everyone, Sofia Richie was a mess, Daisy Ridley in Oscar de la Renta was terrible, because the dress is so boring, Adriana Lima was probably one of the worsts, because that dress is an insult to Kawakubo, Sophie Turner is gorgeous, but that LV was not for that gala… Katie Holmes was also an insult to Rei’s carreer, is obvious that Zac paid her a lot, because to be honest who still wears Zac Posen, Kylie Jenner was also a joke, that dress was a terrible choice, Michelle Monaghan was also a joke, that dress was perfect for last year, but not for this one..

Cara Delevingne
Blake Lively
Kim Kardashian
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jennifer Lopez
Olsen Twins
Hayley Bennett
Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning was terrible !!!! that princess dress was not made for thaat Met Gala, I hated that look, it was too good and it was too perfect for her… Hayley Bennett you should go back to Milan, because that dress was also an insult… The Olsen twins wore their wiccan costumes, Jennifer Lopez’s Valentino was another insult, becasue is so terrible !!!! Blake Lively was wearing a bird !!!! FML…

Kylie Jenner and Donatella Versace
Katie Holmes
Sophie Turner
Adriana Lima
Daisy Ridley
Sofia Richie
Katie Perry
Gisele Bündchen


Kim dress was made for a wedding at the beach !!! and that dress was also an insult, I hated the hair, of course she tried to honor Rei, but she failed in so many ways that was so funny… Gwyneth Paltrow was a bitch of course, because she returned to the Met Gala even when she said she was not gonna return to a boring event like that, and she wore something that is far from being inspired by Rei’s carrer !!!! and even when I love Cara, she failed, of course she was promoting her new movie with that outfit by Chanel !!!! #shame !!!! and even Madonna failed with that green dress !!!! and of course Miranda Kerr !!! that dress is pure trash !!!
Lovers, I’m so mad with everyone, they destroyed Rei Kawakubo’s honouring night !!! they decided to wore something terrible and out of context because those houses paid them, and for me that is the lowest thing you can do…
I only have a few favourites, starting with Rihanna that proved that even when you don’t show too much skin or how fit and perfect your body is, you can look amazing, and she was amazing, Thank You my dear for another amazing Met Gala !!!!!

Lily Aldridge
Lily Collins
Helen Lasichanh
Tracee Ellis Ross

Also I have to name Rick Owens and his wife, Lily Aldridge, Tracee Ellis Ross, Helen Lasichanh and probably Lily Collins… almost all the others were trash… sorry for that, but is the truth, they destroyed the Met Gala only for a few bucks and that is super low….